Welcome to Aadhyay Associates

Aadhyay Ngo Consultancy is a unit of Aadhyay Group, a leading consultancy and directory service providers in India. It provides consultancy services to NGOs and corporate sector. It provides technical support for strengthening capacities in terms of keeping proper documentation, certification, information technology, accountancy, monitoring & evaluation and project planning & implementation. It helps budding and established organizations / companies in developing their skills. ANC has clients from almost all states of the country. It believes in establishing healthy relationship with clients and does not keep commerce at the centre of the work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help NGOs focus more on the implementation of programs rather than chasing funds. We understand that NGOs are crucial to the success of our country. Raising funds to sustain NGO should no dominate precious time and energy. We will help make your fundraising experience fun and exciting.


  1.  To provide consultancy, technical and professional support and guidance, verbal and written, to corporate and corporate sectors, organizations, group of individuals whether profit making or non profit making in India and abroad in the field of multi services like registration & certification, documentation, monitoring & evaluation, designing, web & IT solutions, information dissemination, human resource development, training, research and development, study & analysis, trade promotion, advertisement and publicity, publication, financial management, book keeping, insurance and investment, fund raising , legal and medical consultancy, administrative management, programme, project and policy development, planning and execution related consultancy.
  2. To assist NGOs, government & non-government agencies and corporate houses in India and abroad for strengthening their capacities to perform better in their respective fields by providing various trainings, courses and conducting capacity building programmes.
  3. To deal with and provide consultancy for all kinds of certifications, registrations, approvals, licenses, affiliations, recognitions, permits etc. from various department, ministries, boards, councils, corporations, authorities and other government, semi-government and non-government bodies.
  4. manage, support, run, conduct, initiate, take-up, organize and / or assist various assignments from / for different departments / agencies / institutions or / and association of individuals, NGOs, societies, trust, government & non-government agencies and corporate houses by providing consultancy and professional inputs.


To build capacities of client through providing technical support and let them succeed.

Professional Values

We at Golden Thought Group strongly believe in establishing healthy relationship with the clients and associates. We believe in rendering services with professionalism and commitment without keeping financial aspects at the centre of work. We know that once we have served for any of our clients, it is lifetime relationship. We value and honour the relationship and expectations of our clients.

Aadhyay Team

Aadhyay associates pvt ltd has a wonderful team of committed professionals. Consultants who have been working on part time & full time basis. Active association of professionals like MSW, DMSW, CA, CS, ADVOCATE And more..


Monday to Saturday : 10 am To 6 pm | Second & Fourth Saturday are Holiday

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